How to grow your Instagram followers

August 29, 2020 0 By Phil Gee
How to grow your Instagram followers

Here’s some tips to help grow your Instagram followers. It needs to be part of your daily routine, but doing this can help to really bump up followers who are interested in what you are selling:-

Try to do this EVERY day………

  • Follow 30 people who follow your main competitor, twice a day.
  • Comment on posts from 5 people that you follow every day.
  • Comment on posts from 5 people that are following you every day.
  • Comment on 5 posts from your favourite hashtag every day.
  • Doing this each day will help grow the brand massively.

Many clients of mine have used this same method with great results. Accounts that sit idly just posting pictures rarely get past a couple of 100 followers. Aim to get multi thousands of targeted followers.

Then make sure you’re posting regular interesting posts to keep your followers wanting to know more about you and your brand.

Direct them through to your website. Make sure your website is shouting similar messages to what’s being posted on social media.


Let me know how you get on ?