7 brainstorming tips

May 9, 2021 Off By Phil Gee
7 brainstorming tips

Do you spend a lot of time working on content ideas and strategies for your social media?

Most of the time, it’s fun.

But then ideas dry up, you become frustrated and struggle to find the time.

Everyone has these moments. Including me.

To help kick-start your next brainstorming session, I’ve listed seven ways I go about curating content.


As promised: Seven Brainstorming Tips


1. Do a brain dump
Give yourself 60 seconds to do a brainstorm. Don’t think, just write. And don’t cross anything out.

2. Ask your audience
Why not ask your audience what content they want from you. Could be a survey or a poll.

3. Live Life
To stay creative you need to relax and have fun sometimes. Watch a film, read a book, listen to a podcast (like mine), or go for a walk.

4. Get ideas from FAQs and AnswerThePublic.com
If you’ve not stumbled across AnswerThePublic, where have you been? Find out what people are asking online and turn those questions into content.

5. Analyse your analytics
Work out which type of content works well, then create more of it.

6. Publish user-generated content
Repost content that your audience has created e.g. photos and videos of your events, testimonials, them wearing/eating your products.

7. Exercise
Exercise is a great way to jump-start your creativity. Let your mind wander while your body does all the work.


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Happy brainstorming