Being your brand!

October 19, 2019 0 By Phil Gee
Being your brand!

So today I’ve been discussing branding with a close friend of mine and the pressure that sometimes comes with this.

When talking about branding, I’m meaning more than just a logo on your business card. I’m talking about the values, the ethics, the tone of voice of your brand.

With most of us posting frequently across social media, the focus has to be on not only projecting the correct image but also to ensure that we are protecting our brand at the same time.

Just a simple typo, a pixelated photo, or heavens forbid to post something personal in error onto your business feeds (no, I’ve never done that honestly!!) can cause massive repercussions.

For those of us that use our personal brand as a way of attracting new clients, the pressure can be even tougher. Do you share pics of you with your family or on a night out with your mates, or in my case at the footy match? Will this give the wrong impression to potential prospects or your clients?

Should we care too much? At the end of the day, people buy from people and everyone knows that we all have lives outside of work.

So my advice is to let your hair down (if you have any), try not to swear too much, try not to offend anyone and just go for it.