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A blog is VITAL if you are to win at social media.

You can spend hours on social media and yes, you will pick up some business along the way. BUT to turn your followers into real paying customers, the majority will want to find out more about you. To get to know, like and trust you.

That’s where your blog comes in.

What appears on social media today is gone by tomorrow, or in some cases within an hour. How many people are going to take the time to scroll through your posts to see what you achieved last year? Yeah, you are right. None!

Your blog gives you the opportunity to have this vital information available 24/7, to be available as and when you want people to see it.

Think of all the great things that happen throughout the year for you and your business and the 1st thing you probably do, is throw it onto a social media post, that will be seen by a fraction of your audience…… then it’s gone!

Creating that content as a blog post immortalises it forever.

You can then repurpose the blog content as social media posts for as long as the information stays relevant.

Your blog, is by all intents, a website, but it’s YOUR website. It tells the story of YOU.

  • Your early years
  • School memories
  • Family life
  • How you got into business
  • What you have achieved
  • Interviews with staff, customers etc
  • Helpful tips and advice to people who are looking for your services etc

The list is endless. Something happens tomorrow. Rather than rushing to Facebook etc to tell people, upload it as a blog from your phone (download the WordPress app) then share it on social media, with a link to read more.

Once they are on your blog, who knows where they may look next? Your services, your about us, your price list? Or hopefully they will chat to you via the chat link or fill out the contact form.

THIS is what social media is all about. Doing business online.

Are you ready to give it a go??

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