Doing Social Media without looking after your website

September 16, 2019 0 By Phil Gee
Doing Social Media without looking after your website

So whenever i’ve a social media with a prospect coming up, the 1st thing I do is check out their website.

  • How it looks on mobile as the majority of their traffic will land on a phone
  • Is it easy to navigate
  • Is it branded in the same way as their social media
  • Do they have links to social media
  • Do they have a blog and has it been utilised
  • Is it SEO friendly

Most importantly to me, is are the same messages being carried across from social media to their website?

For example, for retail or hospitality etc, are offers being posted on Facebook etc also being promoted on their website? If not, why not!!!!

Why spend all that time creating content for social media and NOT also place it on your website? A large % of your social media followers, the ones who may be interested in doing business with you, will check your website out prior to taking the next step in the buy cycle.

Many businesses invest heavily in a website, stress about wording and photos etc, then it goes live and is instantly erased from their memories!!!

“Oh wow, I haven’t even looked at my website for years” is something I hear repeatedly! Like why oh why oh why!!!

One of the main reasons to do social media is to drive traffic to your website. Most posts, when relevant, should contain a link, preferably trackable, to a relevant web page.

So… get your website in order. Ok???!