Guest Blog by Amanda Shearer-Lockdown Thoughts

May 8, 2020 0 By Phil Gee
Guest Blog by Amanda Shearer-Lockdown Thoughts

Amanda is a mortgage adviser from Preston. Here she tells us her thoughts and feelings during the current lockdown.

My thoughts throughout lockdown.

This slower pace of life has given me breathing space since setting up Miss Moneypenny Mortgages.

I have had to time to look at my social media and hopefully kick start it.

Material things aren’t that important.

My memories are of places I’ve been and people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had.

I really miss holidays and they’re the memories I look back at, the most.

I miss meeting people.

Chatting over coffee and a cake.

It’s surprising how much money you actually spend on food!

I am enjoying baking and I’m teaching myself to decorate cakes.

My dog enjoys me at home. I love walking her every day.

I’m touched by the people who’ve kept in touch during lockdown.

I have loved the sunny weather.

I love my daily FaceTime with my son in Australia.

I talk to dad most days, however, he has run out of weeds in his garden.

I will continue you use local business and I hope they all survive this.

We are blessed to live in a rural place, I think of the people living in tower blocks in cities.

I’ve have enjoyed the lockdown I’ve tried to be positive and embrace the experience that hopefully will never happen again.

I just hope and pray that all my friends, family and clients have come through this pandemic, and my thoughts go out to the NHS and keyworkers who will not come out of this with the memories I do.

I also think our government have done a great job with the furlough, to keep us all with a roof over our heads whilst we shelter from this pandemic.

I also realise some people haven’t a clue how to social distance!

Well if you’ve got to here well done for reading, tell me what you’ll take from the lockdown?

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