Guest Blog by Connor Murdock – Life During Lockdown

May 6, 2020 0 By Phil Gee
Guest Blog by Connor Murdock – Life During Lockdown

Life During Lockdown

Who am I – my names Connor Murdock and I am a proud member of Dare2Change, we are a group of network marketers helping each other improve and grow our businesses and ourselves.

Just like everyone else we have been forced due to lockdown to make some changes to how we operate day to day and how we can keep our business and ourselves moving forward during this strange time. 

Here are my main points on what I have been doing to keep myself productive and sane… we’ll almost. 

WORK AREA & GROUND RULES – Due to lockdown, most of us have been forced into our homes, so for us network marketers just like many others we have been made to adapt and find new ways to work. So for me, this meant setting up a works desk, ensuring it is somewhere quite, making sure everyone in the house understands this is an office space and reserved for work during working hours, then picking up the phone and getting on with it!

WORKING HOURS – many people have been adapting to a new way of life working from home, this might mean no set time to arrive at the office, but it is still very important to have a routine and set yourself working hours. For me my issue was OVERSLEEPING, I’d gone from getting up at half 4 to maximise productivity, to not having a set schedule, meaning I was spending too long sat in bed with every excuse going through my head why not to get up. My solution – Set a Schedule, Get into a routine, and stay disciplined. 

LOOK FOR NEW OPPORTUNITIES – With these new unusual times, it’s very easy to get caught up in the negative and lose sight of new found potential. For many people, this will be having an impact on their business, and for networking marketing sometimes you just can’t beat face to face. So instead of worrying about the negative and focusing on what you can’t change, think about what you can change. This could mean, building your businesses’ social media following, creating a new page, learning something new, or picking up some self-development books. 

STAY ACTIVE – With everything suddenly seeming like its ground to a halt and our busy lives feeling a lot quieter it is important to remember to stay active, not just for your physical health but your mental health too! If your home is now your office and living space and social area it’s easy to feel like you’re going slightly mad. If you can go out, great! Go for a walk, pull the rusty bike out of the garage or maybe go for a jog. If you can’t go out, search online for a home work out and get fired up in your garden or living room. (warning this may mess up your grass!)

MAKE THE MOST OF IT, FIND SOME NORMALITY – with a million different stories a day about coronavirus and COVID 19 it’s easy to go crazy, with no one really knowing when or how this will end. So it is important to find the positives and try to get yourself some sort of normal. Use this time to do that baking recipe you always wanted to try, or learn a musical instrument? Maybe start a family Zoom night where you do a video call and take part in a quiz? Or if you’re like me and my mate Owen, you replace your weekly trip to the shisha bar for flavoured tobacco complemented with food and football, with a home delivery to your garden to be shared over a video call.

The point is it may not be our usual “normal”, but maybe we can adapt to find a “new normal”, for now anyway. 

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