Guest Blog by Hayley – Bomshell Soul Searcher

May 8, 2020 0 By Phil Gee
Guest Blog by Hayley – Bomshell Soul Searcher

Bomshell Soul Searcher gifted the time to keep searching…..

My period of isolation did not begin 6 weeks ago, as our globe has all experienced.  My period of isolation began 3.5 years ago.  This is the time I chose to break free from a cycle of dictation, I became the master of my schedule and my movements.  I broke free from victim of my society.

Something hit me on a Holiday, enough was enough! So on my return home  I walked away from a 14 year business, a home & possessions.

 Just like that  8 weeks later arrived on the big island of Hawaii. Since then  I Travelled back and forth to Hawaii in between trips to Australia, Bali  South Africa and London! 

Bombshell soulsearcher was born, the immaculate girl now consciously aligning to her soul purpose! 

I was leading a life that everybody declared to be unattainable. 

But the travelling continued, I carried on globe trotting & searching for my soul and began morphing into a more gypsy like bombshell! 

About a year deep into my travels I found the need for some support in my health, I turned to CBD.

At the same time as purchasing my first bottle, I joined the company and became the first European to represent what is the fastest growing network marketing company in the  world in the fastest growing industry.

I landed on my feet & I soon got to top 1% of the company with a very hard-working, driven and motivated team around me.

Fast forward to this blip or as I like to think of it, divine Gift, to our world. 

This all fully integrated when I had left my fiance in Hawaii and visited Costa Rica, before planning to head home home to the Uk. 

I had team there and my soul knew it was also an energy portal for huge change, so still on my soul mission, I felt that it was time! 

The trip came with many complications and it really wasn’t living up to my expectations. 

BUT I decided to throw money at the situation, very unlike me as I usually have a strict financial plan. I got myself a shamanic coach that I knew would push my soul-searching to the next level which in turn would be pushing my business.

Within a matter of weeks I started to find the woman that I knew I could be, I fell in love with myself and the life around me. 

So as this pandemic grew And the isolation restrictions grew even more I, in turn, was growing too.

My purpose became increasingly clear,  I was to help people through their fear and anxiety at this time.

I have the opportunity to provide online work and support for those that need it, and I also get to propel them forward during this wild ride. 

My team has grown 100% and We even experienced one of our best months in the month of April. 

Throughout this time though I felt a calling to do a course, I didn’t know what it would be but I found myself signing up for Quantum Flow Training, Without knowing I was one the first hundred people that is be being taught to teach this modality.  This modality brings you to your natural state through breath and movement, releasing whatever is holding you back from manifesting and embodying your full potential. 

So here I begin a journey rewiring my nervous system, learning every layer of my being and exploring what I can attract into my quantum field.

The language used in trainings and the movements were something that I had never experienced before but within five weeks I had gone from what I had thought was ‘knowing myself’ to pushing myself through boundaries and energies that I never imagined. 

So I sit here back in the UK pondering about the past three months in Costa Rica, where I was without a single person that I truly knew or loved or could even get to know because of social distancing & isolation. 

At times I questioned what the hell I was doing and wondered if I was staying just to please my ego. 

But I wasn’t! In fact for the first time in my life I was tapping into a passion that I didn’t even know I had. 

 I watched my life unfold in front of me with such peace and grace, trusting that the universe had a plan for me and it would be the best plan I could imagine.  I surrendered to my unfoldment.

Here in the UK I am a tad chilly ( yes note below my isolation style is runway worthy hahah) but I am near people I love. What I have brought back to the UK is an even more flourishing online business with a community of like-minded people that are wanting to change the world and help people in their health & their wealth.

At the same time I have nearly completed my qualification in quantum flow which has brought me closer to people that I never would have encountered without this pandemic. It has also given me an option, a choice and a purpose where I can help support people and guide people on a journey.

This journey will be like the last three months of my life, thanks to Corona; A journey of healing and finding your true self and your true purpose. 

I took 20 years to find this so I feel blessed for the time of isolation which has brought change and uncertainty.  Rather than sitting, hoping and praying that things may change, I was receptive — I was given the tools to make things happen and now I get to shine like I always felt I was meant to.

So can you. 

Will you wait — or participate?!

Look forward to hearing your stories! 

Hayley Jo Anne