Guest Blog by Louise Webster – Lockdown Positives

May 8, 2020 0 By Phil Gee
Guest Blog by Louise Webster – Lockdown Positives

Louise is part of a sector badly hit by lockdown but is using her positive mindset to carry her through….

This time last year!

I’ve looked back on my business and this day last year (So on the 8th May 2019), I had a lovely gentleman enquire about a Lord of the Rings Tour in New Zealand. He was 80 at the time and he took his grandson with him. I went to his house to go through all the itinerary for him and it took us about 4 weeks to get every detail perfect for him – from flights, accommodation and car hire to excursions to see Hobbiton etc. He absolutely loved it and a couple of weeks ago he sent me this film or his trip –

The first 4 weeks of the lockdown

The first 4 weeks of the lockdown was a bit stressful, not knowing what airlines, hotels, tour operators and cruise line were doing but now with the backup of our amazing head office in Manchester, we have a lot more of understanding about what all the suppliers are doing. I am there to help my clients sort out cancellations, refunds or rebooking – I am a human being, I  care!

What I have learnt during lockdown

Its been an eye-opener, my clients have been amazing, they have been so understanding as everyone is in the same position. We cannot control what is happening in the world at the moment. I’ve loved having my daughter home from Uni. I’m missing my parents, but we keep in touch on FaceTime and Zoom. I think the best thing I’ve learnt is how to slow down! I’m used to running about 100 miles an hour, but now you come to realise that you are enough. You can’t change the world – just got to do as much as you can.

I am working from my new house and have my office all set up and feel super organised!!

This will all work out – I’m super determined!

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