Guest Blog by Toni Riddick-Lockdown & Me

May 10, 2020 0 By Phil Gee
Guest Blog by Toni Riddick-Lockdown & Me
During lockdown…
I am no stranger to lockdown having survived TNBC Triple-negative breast cancer. Being wrapped in cotton wool with low immunity I had no choice..but this time I have a choice.
I can either wallow in the past or I can provide a future for my family.
For me it was a no brainer..being positive is key.
So I have kept a structure during my time at home..and I am fortunate that I have a very supportive family that helps me to achieve my goals.
I am an early riser so lots of morning sunshine walks to prepare me for my day..then I have a smoothie for a juice to feed my body and brain nutrients and then I follow with a workout.
I love to talk so networking really isn’t a problem for me so social media platforms are great for me doing my daily live videos…letting people into my life teaching them healthier life options and offering support and relief to many.
I can be physically strong but if I’m not mentally strong it’s a whole different ball my structure is paramount.
I have embraced lockdown.. I welcomed it with open arms. How often do we get wrapped up in drama, endless chores and no time for ourselves? Lockdown is a golden opportunity, a time to reset, looking at the future with no real plan in place, exciting times ahead.
Structure is key for me..Exercise, whether it is walking the dog or a home workout, is paramount for my mental health. This is my outlet my destress. As my husband’s routine has barely changed and is still having to work full time I am able to sit back and take in life..
We have been given time..yes time!!! New focus career.
New hobbies maybe you have mastered Tik Tok..sadly I haven’t ?
Whatever you are doing in your homes enjoy it..we take far too much for.granted..the world is breathing we should do the same. ❤
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