Guest Blog by Suzy Orr-The etiquette of Zooming!

April 29, 2020 0 By Phil Gee
Guest Blog by Suzy Orr-The etiquette of Zooming!

I’m delighted to be able to introduce Suzy Orr as my guest blogger this week, hitting the nail on the head so many times with her mega tips about all things Zoom! Suzy is the Networking Queen and CEO of Unique Ladies.

Most of us have had to jump on Zoom to keep our businesses moving over the last few weeks, but are you projecting yourself in the correct way, as you would in the ‘real’ world?

Check out Suzy’s post and be ready for your next meeting.


We are currently in very strange times, and although “jumping onto a Zoom” is becoming a daily occurrence, it is becoming apparent that not everyone understands the requirements. This is meant in a kind way, because it’s something that has been thrust onto many of us due to COVID-19.

Having networked for years, and successfully running the Unique Ladies Network Franchise for over 5 years, I wasn’t particularly surprised to receive a call from the team at Boost Lancashire, asking if I would run a training session “How to Network – Online” it was received very well, and shortly after I was invited to facilitate an online network for clients of Boost. Yesterday we had nearly 40 Lancashire based businesses online, what followed was a very successful, supportive network and requests to do more.

This has prompted me to share some very basic, but sometimes not very obvious, tips and recommendations when using Zoom.

Here are my top 10:

#1 You are still representing yourself and your business, so turning up in pyjamas is really not the done thing. Think about what you are wearing from the waist up, present yourself as you would when walking into any meeting. Be groomed.

#2 Position your camera centrally, no-one wants to see the side of your head or the top of your head, or (as my mother always shows me) your ceiling!

#3 If possible, sit facing a window, the natural light makes a huge positive difference without having to think about any sort of professional lighting.

#4 Review your background. There’s nothing more off-putting like an untidy background, an unmade bed, dishes in the sink etc, this is business, we don’t want to see how you live.

#5 Add a professional profile picture to your Zoom Account. Whether you have a paid Zoom account or a free one, it is essential to add your profile picture. Always log into your account, then use the meeting number to join a meeting. That way whenever you remove yourself from video, you will appear as a professional image and not a name. As a business owner it is vital to have professional profile images – on LinkedIn too!

#6 Following on from #5 – if you need to leave the meeting, deal with children, pets, a call of nature etc, remove yourself from video. It’s simply courteous. If you don’t you will distract other attendees.

#7 Mute yourself. Again it’s simply courteous, other attendees do not want to hear your washing machine, children, dog, phone ringing. If you need to speak, use your space bar, which unmutes or top right of your image hit unmute, then mute again.

#8 Share your email, website and/or number in the chat. You can also message other attendees privately in chat if your question is not relevant to the rest of the attendees.

#9 Ensure your name is on your image – not “iPad 2″or “Office iPad” – to do this, again top right, hit the three dots and “rename” I’d suggest your name and business name.

#10 Be prompt, arrive a couple of minutes early, as you would for any other meeting, if you are late, apologise then get straight into the meeting.

I’m sure there are other tips and suggestions, but I really hope that some of these give you something to think about before you attend your next Zoom. My final thought, do not schedule back to back Zoom calls, although it is a convenient solution to a current problem, you still need to allocate time between meetings, for notes, follow up, comfort breaks, lunch etc. Be kind to yourself and walk away from your electronic device regularly.



You can see more about Suzy’s business at email her atĀ or connect with her on LinkedIn here.