How to use the new Offers view on your Google Business Profile

March 6, 2019 0 By Phil Gee
How to use the new Offers view on your Google Business Profile

From discounts to deals, everyone loves a good offer. Whether they’re shopping at a favourite clothing boutique or trying a local coffee shop for the first time, an offer can attract people to businesses.

To help people find these promotions, GOOGLE are making offers more prominent on your Business Profiles. The new layout introduces a dedicated space for business owners to feature their most recent offers—making a quick decision for their potential customers even easier.


For businesses, adding an offer is easy. When creating a post in the Google My Business App, you’ll see an option to categorise it as an offer. From there, you can tailor the details to your specific needs. An offer can include a description of the promotion, a coupon code or any terms and conditions useful to your audience. You can surface up to 10 unique offers in the carousel, providing a list of choices.


Google My Business is such a powerful tool that seems to be so underused at the moment maybe just due to lack of publicity on Googles part. Please feel free to contact me to ask any questions about GMB or anything else.