How WOW is your website?

August 27, 2020 0 By Danielle Hodgson
How WOW is your website?

Don’t spend all day on Facebook but ignore your website!!!

“How come my social media doesn’t work for me?”
We hear this kind of thing all the time!

The chances are that it DOES work. But most people that are interested in your products or services will want to check you out before sending a message or making a phone call to you.

  • Does your website do your business justice?
  • Are you conveying the same messages on your website as on social media?
  • Does it look great on a mobile phone?
  • Have you a strong call to action on the website?
  • Have you a form to capture their details?Take a look at your own website. Has it the WOW factor? Do you think it is good enough to make the viewer WANT to get in contact with you?

All these things are vitally important if you are going to maximise your efforts on social media. There is no point posting loads of great content on social media, but leaving your website looking old and unloved!

  • Has it got up to date news in keeping with your social media?
  • Is the branding the same as used on social media?
  • Are you showing current reviews or testimonials?
  • Is the imagery as good as it could be?
  • Is the content correct? Does it give the information that people are really looking for or was it just rushed to get the website live?

Take time to go through it, as your website is SUCH a massive part of your marketing.

Look at things like:-

  • Is it easy to navigate around the website?
  • Is the font size big enough for those with vision issues?
  • Are the colours great for visually impaired people? (Black text on a white background is the best formula).
  • Is the menu to find other pages easy to use?
  • Have you too much/too little wording on some pages? Think about adding sub-pages if a page is too wordy.
  • Are there any spelling mistakes!!!!

Spend less time on social media for a week and use this time to update your website.

If your website is built using WordPress etc then making the changes is easy and can be done by yourself. If your website is older it may need to be amended by your web developer.

Editing web pages on WordPress is the same as amending a word document or an email so no website experience is required. Similarly swapping images is a few clicks also.

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