Instagram’s new “Create Mode”

October 11, 2019 0 By Phil Gee
Instagram’s new “Create Mode”

Instagram has a new nostalgia-inducing feature, introduced as part of the new Create mode for Instagram Stories. It’s called “On This Day.”

“On This Day” lets you share old posts from your feed. It launched yesterday as part of Instagram’s new Create mode for Stories. It works by showing you a random post that you shared on the same date in previous years.

The new feature is filled with nostalgia as it lets you reshare memories via your Stories or Direct messages.






How To:

➡️When on Instagram, swipe right to add to your Stories.
➡️In the bottom menu, choose the “Create” mode.
➡️Scroll left until you find the “On This Day” option.
➡️Instagram will then show you a random post you shared on the same date years ago.
➡️Should there be multiple options, you will have the possibility to sift through them by tapping on the dice button located on top of your screen.

“On This Day” also lets you revisit when you started following other users or when, in turn, they started following you. Just in case you really wanted to share that on your Stories…

You’ve got this. Now go (re)share.