Chat with Daniel Broch

Daniel is a serial entrepeneur from London with an exciting and colourful history within the property and hospitality sectors, including being the Founder and Originator of Everyman Media Group which owns and operates Everyman Cinemas, up to present day where together with business partner Robert Agsteribbe, Bliss Investment Partners have some really exciting projects including the opening of Bliss Hotel and Waterfront in Southport, which is breaking all the traditional concepts, utilising Daniel’s ‘The 1st Lie” mindset, which he explains amongst many other really interesting topics in my podcast with him.


Chat with John Bullock

John is a serial entrepeneur who has built a number of succesfull businesses, predominately in the property sector but has also been, fo many years, a stand out member of the Mixed Martial Arts fraternity and has recently embarked on diversifying into the coaching sector. In John’s words “Pain Point coaching uses sports programs to train you how to deal with pressure, anxiety and stress leading YOU to optimally perform. Using our mindfulness techniques and affirmations we show YOU how to overcome your doubts and win your greatest fight, FREEDOM, freedom in your personal success & peace.”
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Chat with Mrs D Blogger

Mrs D Blogger (aka Lisa Dunnington!) is a coaching client of mine and my remit was initially to help her with Social Media skills, but after our initial conversation, we highlighted her long term goal may well be for her to use all her own skills to benefit others in business. Lisa has so much enthusiasm, is a real grafter and was excited at being given the tools to get all of her worldly information out to the masses, via a new blog, video channel and podcast. To see more, visit her website here

Chat with Jamie Harris

Jamie has been at the forefront of children’s fashion e-commerce for many years now, with his and his teams hard work richly paying off, positioning at the top of the pile. Jamie has by his own admission, wasted money on widgets and gadgets that were supposed to elevate the business but instead just drained some of the profits! Jamie here gives us his thoughts on the future of ecom

Chat with Paul Wolfenden

Paul is the founder of an exciting e-commerce project, The Fair Trade Store, which has been trading online for over 10 years. Paul has a wealth of retail, buying and marketing skills which he puts to good use within his business. His journey is an interesting mix of hard work, great morals and perseverance, which has culminated in a really vibrant online business. Visit his website