Is leafleting the new social media??!!

August 19, 2023 Off By Phil Gee
Is leafleting the new social media??!!

I’m just home from an early morning leafleting session around a lovely part of West London.

I choose early Saturday morning for this, for as well as getting some well needed steps in, I feel that on a Saturday morning, many retail business owners are going to come in to work full of anticipation for a busy day.

When they open their doors, there on the floor is our brightly coloured flyer, telling them about our services, plus giving them some free tips and advice. It’s hopefully something that will prove to be too valuable to just lash in the bin!! And, roughly 1 in 50 have decided to contact us for a free consultation. Not bad for a morning stroll before breakfast!

I’m often asked, why a social media agency owner would be bothering with leaflets. Aren’t they old-fashioned when it comes to marketing? If social media is that good, why don’t you get loads of leads from it?

Well, social media IS great, but the vast majority of our clients, come to us as they don’t use social media themselves! So, whilst we do get great leads from it, there are many other ways of creating awareness of your brand and we’ve found this year that popping a brochure through the doors of some of our desired clients, has led to some fantastic enquiries, many of who we are now working with.

So, whilst digital marketing is undoubtedly very good, it’s not EVERYTHING!

To become “BEST KNOWN” in your field, you have to look at all opportunities available to you, whether that be online or face to face networking, social media, email marketing or yes, good old-fashioned print!

Give it a go, it could open opportunities for you too!!