Lead Generating System 2021

April 18, 2021 Off By Phil Gee
Lead Generating System 2021

How to generate business leads using Social Media in 2021

Social media moves on at a brisk pace but still, most people are under the impression that a few posts per week and they can sit back and wait for the phone to ring. Well sorry, guys but that ain’t gonna happen!!

Social Media is a part of marketing. It needs to be part of a well-thought-out strategy or it just won’t work. Don’t believe the hype!! Granted, some businesses within certain sectors will gather followers, interactions and sales relatively easy but these are few and far between.

Think of your own behaviour on social media.

When going on Facebook for example, are you really on there looking to purchase a product or service? You are probably catching up on a bit of gossip from your friends and family.

IF you happen to see something that catches your eye, then yes, you may well purchase, but the chances of that happening are rather rare.

If you know what you are trying to achieve, then you can use social media to play a part in your strategy to achieve those goals.

Lead Generation has always been a ‘thing’. Modern-day ‘gurus’ will have you believe that you have to invest in fancy sales funnels and whilst for some sectors, this works really well, I would suggest erring with the side of caution before investing big monies and time. Elements of ‘funnels’ SHOULD be used as part of your daily business routines, but many of these should come at no cost but taking up your time instead.

I have developed a system over many years that can help the vast majority of businesses to create organic leads, without spending a king’s ransom for the privilege!

This incorporates gathering contacts that you come in to contact each day via:
Social Media
Email marketing

Even people you speculatively meet in coffee bars or in the pub! All need to be handled with care and added into your ‘system’ for nurturing.

A well-thought-out digital strategy will ensure that you do the correct things to establish enquiries from multiple avenues, and then actually doing something with these leads.

How often do you pass on details of a business to a friend/colleague in the hope they can help out. Then when you check back to see how it went you hear that they never made contact. How crazy is that? These businesses are probably spending fortunes on keeping their business going and when presenting with a golden referral they don’t even follow up.

This is probably because they don’t have a system in place to gather the data and have the ability to keep tabs on them.

Many times you will follow up a lead to be faced with an answerphone or they don’t return the email. This happens a lot in business. How many times has this happened and then they have just dropped out of your mind and are left for one of your competitors to clean up?

Our Lead Generation System ensures that no lead drops out of your vision. Every lead is there for you to see until you move them to a section of lost leads.

Social Media does need to be an integral part of your marketing strategy but you need to have a clear vision of what you are looking to achieve from all the time you are going to invest.

Are you looking for sales?
Looking to get their email addresses to target through email marketing?
Are you trying to build up a list for an event?

Once you know what you are trying to achieve, then you can build campaigns around these goals. Are you going to send them to a specific page on your website? Are you going to ask them for their email address? Are you wanting them to phone you up?

What happens after this call to action?
Do you send them a follow-up email?
Do you phone them up to book a meeting?
Do you send them a brochure?

Once you start to map this journey out then this is going to help you with the wording and imagery of your social media posts, email shots and also your website copy.

Everything needs to work in tandem with each other, to create a marketing machine!

This is when you will start to see a return on all your efforts. Why just follow everyone else in your sector, churning out the same old posts, all shouting desperation…..buy from me, buy from meeeee!!!

These things don’t happen overnight but making a start NOW could be the best thing you have ever done for your business.

Happy to have a chat with anyone to give some pointers.