Learn Instagram all in one go!!

January 4, 2022 Off By Phil Gee
Learn Instagram all in one go!!
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You may already have taken the leap into the world of Instagram or maybe you have dipped your toe in but don’t know your Reels from your Stories?
Whatever sector you are in, you are potentially missing out on benefitting from having a credible presence on Instagram.
I have run Social Media Academy since 2007, based in Liverpool and Chiswick, but through the magic of Zoom, we train business people from all around the UK and further.
We are offering a new year session of 1 hour of Instagram training throughout January.
What will you learn?
Photos: From single images to carousels with up to 10 photos, you can create compelling feed posts.
Videos: You can now upload videos to your feed that last anywhere from a few seconds to 60 minutes.
Reels: As Instagram’s short-form video option, reels are ideal for sharing authentic content that posts to a dedicated tab in your profile. (Similar to TikTok)
Live: To communicate directly with your audience, you can go live from the Instagram app or schedule a live event up to 90 days in advance.
Stories: They last for only 24 hours but stories are ideal for sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes content or reposts from your followers.
Stories Highlights: You can save stories to your profile by creating a highlight album that’s permanently pinned to the top of your Instagram feed.
Has that all battered your head? If so, then 1 hour will transform the way you think and more importantly give you an action plan for your business that will enable you to post great content onto your Instagram account (and other platforms too).
You will learn all of the above in an easy-to-follow session, bespoke to your business and sector, to take away any nerves you may have and give you the confidence to know that you are doing things the right way.
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