I can help you develop your social media marketing skill.

I find that many businesses owners, being over 40 and having missed out also on the digital age whilst growing up, thus feeling a real inadequacy in their role as leaders, being unable to manage and understand what is required in the exciting yet daunting world of the internet. So for this, I have developed a coaching and mentoring programme to help bring everyone up to speed, take away their fears and enable them to join in the fun!

I provide one-to-one mentoring programmes designed to pass my knowledge and experience on to you. I will provide direction and advice to help you learn and develop your own insights, helping you achieve your personal and organisational goals.

I may challenge your thinking and your working methods, but over time you will become more effective and more efficient in the field of social media marketing, developing not only your skills and expertise but also your career in the process.

We will work together on a one-to-one basis in complete confidentiality, so you can use me as a neutral sounding board for your ideas and thoughts at any time and be assured of honest and unbiased feedback. We will normally work together for a minimum of three months, but for as long as you are gaining value from our relationship.

Let me sit with you, get to understand the pains you are feeling in business and see where our journey can take you.