My night of Bliss Debauchery!

November 24, 2019 0 By Phil Gee
My night of Bliss Debauchery!

Firstly, do not be misled by the blog title!

Debauchery has various definitions, mostly centred around sex, drugs and alcohol! Oh go on, I did indulge in a cheeky bottle of beer. But the definition I was referring to is this.

Debauchery is all about indulging in some of life’s pleasures — overindulging, in fact.

My stay at the sumptuous Bliss Hotel involved overindulging in escaping from the real world! As anyone who knows me or follows me on social media will know, The Bliss Hotel has become something of a second office for me. But this night, was unlike any other night as I was treated to a night in one of their penthouses. Anyway, back to that in a minute.

The decor and ambience of the hotel is something to behold, giving it a feel of luxury mixed with a sense of being at home (regardless of your home decor of course!).

The hotel has undergone an extensive refurbishment of it’s social and dining areas, becoming somewhere perfect for me to work alone on my laptop, or have meetings or entertain clients.

The food menu contains has a great choice without being exhaustive. I chose the chicken caesar salad that was just perfect. A salad was the option chosen to leave room for their highly lauded Chocolate Brownie dessert and it didn’t disappoint. You’ve GOT to try it.

The coffee rivals anything served in the high street chains BUT is served in mugs made from recycled coffee bean shells, which when you drink as much coffee as me helps me to not feel so bad.

Staff are courteous but are ‘real people’, who you can have a friendly chat with. A real credit to the management and really in keeping with the whole theme of the hotel. This is the place you could bring the family for dinner, bring your grandma for a brew or turn up with a gang of friends for a drink or 2.

So, back to the Penthouse. Wow. The Penthouse. There’s actually 2 of them, recent additions along with the complete refurbishment of all their bedrooms. Mine was named “The Other Penthouse” to distinguish itself from the other one, which is simply named The Penthouse!

Everything in the room is just gorgeous. From the lush soft furnishings in the lounge area to the European king-sized bed with stunning mattress, to the exquisite bathroom complete with side-by-side double shower with windows overlooking the Marine Lake (one-way glass so I was told!), roll-top bath and underfloor heating.

As soon as I walked into the room, I just KNEW that I wanted to stay there for the rest of my days! It’s just amazing, unlike anywhere else I have stayed.

Oh, did I mention the views? Bloody hell they are fabbbb. The rooms overlook the Marine Lake and Ocean Plaza plus Southport’s iconic bridge and Pier. Great for watching a romantic sunset, I would imagine.

I could use any superlative (or debauchery) that has ever been invented to describe my stay there, but the name of the hotel does the job just perfectly. My stay was pure BLISS.

To see more info, go to their website here or visit their Facebook page