My visit to Pattaya Orphanage

February 14, 2019 0 By Phil Gee
My visit to Pattaya Orphanage

So yesterday I had an amazing experience at มูลนิธิสงเคราะห์เด็ก พัทยา: Pattaya Orphanage

It was something on my ‘bucket list’ that I have felt compelled to do for a long time, probably having seen a TV programme about it years ago. So when I saw that there was an orphanage in Pattaya, I made contact and asked if it was possible to visit.

It’s hard for me to explain the desire in me to do this. I myself luckily come from a stable background. I remember Madonna adopting from overseas and thinking that was an amazing thing, for an underprivileged child to have the opportunity to be raised by Madonna in the USA.

I used the opportunity to put together a video to tell the story of my visit. In the video, I said I didn’t really find the visit emotional, more uplifting, but a day later the emotion has hit home. The staff do an incredible job and the children are looked after brilliantly in a clean and happy environment, but given that only a percentage are adopted, it’s obviously sad for the ones that don’t.

The happiness and respect shown by everyone at the orphanage was no surprise, as throughout the country, in the main, everyone is the same. That’s the main reason I love the country. The people are just so amazing.

I’m so happy I went and helped the great team to keep the kids amused.

Kob-Khun krab

You can see more about Pattaya Orphanage here