New Instagram Captions Feature

May 8, 2021 Off By Phil Gee
New Instagram Captions Feature

A lovely new feature released this week from Instagram allowing you to add ‘captions’ to your Instagram stories.

In other words, you can record a video with audio words/speech and Instagram will quickly transcribe your spoken words into typed words on the screen.

This is great as many people are on social media with the sound off, probably skiving in work, so this means they can read the words so you can still get your message across.

Click on your profile pic at the top left corner of the Instagram App






Click the record button which is placed centre at the bottom of the app






Record whatever you are recording and for the purpose of the captions feature say some words. The limit per recording used to be 15 seconds but now you can record as long as you wish and it will just publish them in sections that will keep on playing

When finished, click on the stickers icon at the top of the page






Click on the captions sticker






If you need to edit any of the text then just click on the text and it will allow you to edit. It does display it in a weird way all down the middle of the screen but at least it is there!






When ready, click on the ‘send to’ button at the bottom and then select where you want it sent to. If you have linked your Instagram to your Facebook then you will be able to send to both at the same time.







So have a go and see how you get on. If you tag me (@onlineguruuk) into the story I can then share it too!!