New Years Resolutions #No1-Stories

January 3, 2019 0 By Phil Gee
New Years Resolutions #No1-Stories

#NY2019 Resolution 1: Create a story a day

Social media content creation in 2018, swayed heavily towards the ‘in the moment’ stories, as opposed to the ‘traditional’ news feed, that we have all grown up with over the past decade or so.

This could be because…

1)  We have grown slightly bored of the scrolling up and prefer the swipe motion of stories

2) Because with stickers and additional features available like rewind and boomerang, it’s really easy to post something more creative than just a flat image


3) We are forced to think out of the box and create something more interesting than just googling a meme etc

Whatever the reason, it’s given users the ability to post multiple times without the fear of really getting on follower’s nerves!

Stories were the invention (mainstream) of Snapchat, but 2018 brought us stories by Instagram, Facebook and even WhatsApp.

Stories give companies the ability to show a real insight into their brand. The capabilities are endless plus you can produce live content, which your followers get notified about to watch there and then.

Stories have a lifespan of 24 hours, but on Instagram they can also be saved as highlights which are displayed prominently in folders on your profile page.

Instagram accounts with over 10,000 followers have the ability to add SWIPE UP to their stories, which when actioned, takes the person to your website or to anywhere you want on the internet.

Stories are fun. Stories are what is happening NOW. Statistics from late 2018 show that most younger users (35 and under) look through stories first and sometimes leave the app once they have exhausted the stories, so it’s a must for 2019 to get your heads around.

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