Online V Offline marketing

July 10, 2019 0 By Phil Gee
Online V Offline marketing

Many businesses see social media as the only way to advertise their businesses these days.

“Leaflets? Nah, they just go straight in the bin.”

“Newspapers? Nobody reads them anymore.”

“Word of mouth? Nobody talks to anyone anymore!!”

These are the comments I hear from business people of all different backgrounds.

Whilst the “old fashioned” forms of marketing aren’t as massive as they used to be, I do think that they can still play a good role in the overall marketing mix for many businesses.

To throw all your eggs in one basket (I love that cliché) by giving everything to social media, whilst financially it may seem like the only option, keeping brand awareness through some offline marketing, seems to be a growing option amongst the savvy marketers.

A couple of ideas….

  • Create a competition on a flyer where they have to follow you on social media to enter.
  • Create website only offers, advertising them on your print materials

Keep the print run short so you’re not left with 1000s of outdated flyers.

There are lots of online printers offering really great deals.

Social media is the new word of mouth. Give your customers a great experience with you and you can guarantee a good percentage will take to social media to share their experience.

Don’t feel embarrassed to ask happy customers to leave online reviews etc. You can always reward them for doing this against future purchases.

Hope this helps ??