Rescue Paws Thailand

February 21, 2020 0 By Phil Gee
Rescue Paws Thailand

So anyone who knows me, knows that Thailand has become something of a second home for me over the past 5 years.

Having never left Europe in my first 50 years, I pledged to myself to see more of the world in my second half century! A couple of my friends go frequently to Asia, so I plucked up the courage and booked myself a trip over there as a self treat for my 50th.

Wow! What an amazing decision that was! “Life changing” is an expression I’ve used over the years, but this truly was the sliding doors moment in my life.

My first visit started in the famous Bangkok and then I “nipped” over to Hua Hin, having seen a recommendation from a friend on Facebook. My intention was to stay two nights, before trekking off to some other areas, but my love for that place was almost instantaneous, so I ended up spending the rest of my trip there!!

One of the highlights of my stay there was to visit Rescue Paws in the city, which is a dog rescue organisation, that helps to combat the problem of stray dogs in the city, and across the whole country.

Whereas we in the UK, treat our pets as one of the family, in Thailand they are merely seen as the devil, with many viewing them in a similar way to how we view rats.

They are just seen as a being, that is after what they cherish so dearly, their food!

This organisation, with its many volunteers from around the globe, befriend the packs of dogs around the city, many who are out in fields and up mountains, with the aim of steralising them, to stop the growth of the population and also to tend to the poorly and to provide them with a healthier diet than just living “off the land”. A pack that we visited have been fed by Rescue Paws every day for over a year, so when the truck pulls up, they are delighted to welcome the humans, whereas a year ago they would have been far less friendly!!

The charity is based on temple grounds, with its own temple and monks and right on the edge of a magical beach, which is where the dogs are taken for their daily exercise, which in turn has given me amazing memories.

Just to see these gorgeous animals, once just roaming, playfully jumping in the water, all under the loving supervision of the team, all of whom are obvious adorers of them all. A real sight to behold.

Another part of their great work, is to find people around the world to adopt the dogs. My little mate from this year’s trip, Crusty, a little Jack Russell lookalike, is just about to be rehomed in Finland of all places! How amazing.

So should you ever find yourself in Thailand and looking for something a little bit different to do, then I strongly urge you to visit Rescue Paws.

The team are genuinely lovely, the location is stunning, you’ll get so many memories to treasure PLUS you’ll get to eat some amazing Thai food for lunch. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get to sample the most gorgeous coconut ice cream you’ll EVER taste!!

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Watch my video by clicking on the image of myself and Jacob below, to learn more about my day and more about Rescue Paws.

Enjoy!! ??