Retweets with GIF’s!

May 9, 2019 0 By Phil Gee
Retweets with GIF’s!

You can now add GIFs, photos and videos to retweets on Twitter, as part of the latest update for iOS, Android and the website.

Retweeting is common practice on Twitter (and oftentimes one of the best way to increase engagement and gain new followers.) And it got more interesting when the platform introduced the ability to add a comment to retweets back in 2015. Today things are spicing up a notch, as Twitter now lets you add GIFs, photos and videos to retweets.

Sarah Personette, Twitter VP of client solutions, shared the good news: “We pride ourselves on being a space where the most vibrant conversations happen, and we recognize that images have become a big part of how users talk to each other and express themselves. By expanding the places where you can use videos, GIFs and photos, we’re also giving marketers more opportunity to add vibrancy to the way they talk to users on Twitter and add new layers to the personas they’ve built on the platform.”

The update is already rolling out on iOS, Android, and the web platform. I love it.