Shmooze or Lose

July 8, 2019 2 By Phil Gee
Shmooze or Lose

Definition of schmooze: to converse informally: to chat in a friendly and persuasive manner especially so as to gain favour, business, or connections.

Being of Jewish descent, there are some gorgeous words that have been second nature in my vocabulary since I was a child. Many of these have now become part of parcel of life in the UK, often heard on TV on soaps and films alike.

One of my favourites is shmooze and is a word I use frequently to describe what I feel is a necessary activity in business, both offline and online.

Some may say it’s the equivalent of creep, nag or badger but carried out in a laid back way, I feel can bring rich dividends, especially in the wacky world of social media.

Have a think about how it makes you feel when you get a ‘like’ on a post or even more so when someone comments (in a positive fashion). Makes you feel good, right? The fact that someone has taken the time to click that little link, can at times, make you want to reciprocate. It can also make you want to investigate who this person is if they are unknown to you.

Shmoozing can be to just hit like, to make a comment or if you really want to hit the shmoozing jackpot, to share a post could make the recipient want to hug you!

Most platforms give you ample opportunities to do this. LinkedIn suggests who you can wish a happy birthday to or congratulate connections who are celebrating promotions or work anniversaries. Facebook offers similar opportunities. On Twitter, it can take a second to hit retweet. Spending a couple of minutes a day scrolling through and sending a heartfelt congratulations, will really help to show what a caring person you are (even if you really aren’t!!).

Remember this is social media. It’s the equivalent of going to a networking event and complimenting someone on their choice of tie or shoes.

This is one of many social media activities that will make you stand out from the crowd. To obsess and just post content without spending a bit of time shmoozing, is the equivalent of walking into a networking event, shouting out loud ‘Hi everyone, I’m ********* and I would like to sell you ********”, then turning around and going home!!

I doubt that is what you would do, but too many are practising this approach on social media.

Give shmoozing a go. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.