Twitter rolls out the hiding of replies

November 25, 2019 0 By Phil Gee
Twitter rolls out the hiding of replies

After testing the feature for the last few months, Twitter is now rolling out the ability to hide replies to all users around the world.

To give its users more control over conversations and help them feel more “safe and comfortable” while talking on its platform, Twitter is looking to change the way that conversations work.

twitter hide replies

It’s a simple, yet effective solution, as anyone can choose to hide replies to their Tweets, and everyone can see and engage with hidden replies. All they have to do to do so is tap the grey icon that appears on the Tweets with hidden replies. This way, those users who begin conversations have more control over them, without actually limiting the discussion.

This seems like a good move, to encourage users to post more without fear of “keyboard warriors” intimidating etc.

Go ed Twitter!!