Twitter Training Webinar with Phil Gee

Learn Twitter From The Basics Upwards

Whatever level you are currently at, this easy to follow course will guide you through all the imperative steps to create an effective Twitter account that brings in results

What the webinar will teach you…

  • How to create the Perfect Instagram Strategy for your business
  • How to build the most Effective Profile for your Twitter account
  • How to create Engaging Content that is interesting and relevant
  • How to grow your profile by 500-1000 Targeted Followers per month
  • How to convert a % of your followers into Paying Customers
  • How to Maximise The Time you spend on Twitter so it doesn’t become a time drain
  • How to Measure The Effectiveness of your activities
  • How to Align Your Twitter Effectively with your other social media activities
  • All of the above for a one off payment of just £14.99