Which social media channel drives the most leads?

September 13, 2020 1 By Phil Gee
Which social media channel drives the most leads?

I did a poll on my Facebook Group yesterday and the results didn’t startle me at all.

Facebook, as expected, (probably as that was there the poll was held!!) was the clear winner when asked where they got most of their business from on social media

❓But what if that’s because they spend way more time on Facebook than the others?

❓What if, by cutting the time spent on Facebook down, this gave you more opportunities on the other platforms, potentially bringing in even MORE leads?

Rather than putting ALL your eggs into the one basket, try to spend a bit more time posting good content across the board.

It may take time to build up your network but the rewards could be great.

▶️ If you’re selling to the business world then hang out more on LinkedIn. Comment on people’s posts. Wish people happy birthday or congratulate people on their new jobs. Join groups. Post every day. Add 10 new connections per day.

▶️ If you’re selling products online then definitely get on Pinterest. Create “boards” for all your categories with links back to your website. Create boards that tell the story of a day in the life of you and your business.

▶️ If you’re selling products OR a service, then give Twitter a go. Search for conversations that your potential client may be discussing. Twitter users tend to verbalise their issues and problems a lot so find these conversations and offer your solution to their problem with a link to your website.

▶️ If you are used to creating video content on Facebook, then distribute it on YouTube and TikTok too. There’s millions of people on both channels. Who knows who may watch the video and come knocking on your door.

I hope these tips help. Seriously try to spread your content across as many channels as possible. Our clients are amazed at the additional business that is generated by following the strategies above.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on