If people don’t know you, they aren’t going to buy from you!

You may have the best product but if nobody knows about it then it may as well not exist. You may have the best service but if people are unaware they ain’t gonna care. 

Simply put “best known always beats best”. You gotta get known. You gotta take some risks. It’s your job to get in front of as many customers in as many places and show them “Hey look!  This could solve your problem!” 

If you don’t make that happen, then nobody is going to pay you for anything…how can they? They don’t know you exist?



These are some of the parts that are required to become best known. Individually they will work to a degree, but put together and you have yourself a real mean selling machine!!

Let me show you the way!


All roads lead to your website and this is where the real business is done. Treat it with the same love as your bank account.


With millions of people on there all day, you need to ensure you are seen by as many people as is realistically possible.


It's all well and done you shouting about how great you are, but there's nothing better than a client doing that for you!


Keep all of your prospects and contacts in an easy to use database so that you never lose a single opportunity to sell.


Keep your clients and prospects up to date with all key campaigns, delivered straight into their email inbox.


Most of your clients will have found you on Google or will have checked you out there. Make sure you are easily found.

My 1 to 1 coaching programmes have been developed over the last 10 years to help businesses to become BEST KNOWN for their products and services.


Social Media Coach, Mentor & Trainer

I have been helping business owners and brands to understand and maximise the potential of web, social media and lead generation since the days of dial up modems and MySpace in 2007!!

If you are flummoxed by the whole internet phenomenon or feel like you are spending too much time on your marketing without creating much business, then contact me for a chat to see how easy it really is to make a massive difference.

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